With the increased use of devices running on Li-ion batteries comes a growing need for solutions for dealing with Li-ion batteries that have reached the end of their life. Solutions that are safe and compliant in terms of collection, logistics and recycling. With Reneos, we ensure the safe collection and recycling of lithium-ion batteries across Europe.

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Which is why certain market leaders in battery collection - such as Bebat in Belgium, Cobat in Italy, BatteriRetur in Norway, Stibat in the Netherlands, GRS in Germany - are joining forces under Reneos, the European network that provides precisely the services you require.

Why should European organisations join forces?

Not only do studies such as The Electric Vehicle Outlook 2020 by Bloomberg endorse the forecasts of growth in the EV sector, we see in Bebat's E-mobility rapport figures that certainly give us food for thought (and action), telling us that all the new forms of electric mobility are in the process of generating exponential growth in the number of batteries on the market and, as a result, in the number, too, of batteries that have to be recycled or be given a second (or third) life.

‘Handle with care’ is the central message relating to end-of-life batteries. They have to be collected and transported with the utmost care, examined, dismantled and prepared for further processing. Expertise is necessary at every step of the way and, in order to offer international companies a comprehensive network, Reneos works across national borders. So, we look for a tailor-made solution for each company.

Reneos: efficient and accessible customised solutions

Who's behind Reneos?

At the instigation of Bebat, Reneos was launched in 2018, an IT platform of five similar organisations from five different countries. With this platform our principal aim is to tackle the collection and treatment of high-voltage batteries on a European scale.- Peter Coonen, Managing Director Bebat

The members of Reneos are all market leaders in the collection of waste batteries and in everything relating to their aftercare. They are battery experts who are familiar with high-voltage batteries and how to handle them. They are close to their local markets and are well acquainted with the local rules and regulations.

In short: they combine the best of local anchoring and global collaboration.









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What does Reneos offer?

Reneos offers a wide range of services that relieve you of your worries over how to dispose of waste Li-ion batteries. Our services cover all facets of the safe, compliant processing of end-of-life lithium-ion batteries:

  • legal compliance
  • collection
  • transportation
  • storage
  • dismantling
  • second life applications
  • recycling

You choose what you need. No more, no less. Every agreement is made to measure.

Recycle, reuse or just pick up and deliver to a location chosen by the customer. All of these organisations can collect batteries in all European countries, store them, dismantle them and then have them processed. For this purpose, we have our own partner; but we can also work with the customer's preferred partners. The customer can follow everything closely via the track & trace system.- Philippe Celis, CEO Reneos

All parties involved (importers, dealers, dismantling companies) can log in to their personal dashboard on which they can submit applications and monitor all activities. Not only is every battery perfectly traceable, the platform has an additional advantage: one point of contact, one invoice.

We look after the customer from A to Z. We relieve our customers of their concerns regarding declarations and administrative formalities, about the safety risks surrounding dismantling and storage and about the diagnosis of lithium-ion batteries for further processing, right up to and including reporting on recycling efficiency. - Philippe Celis, CEO Reneos

If you have a specific question for Reneos, or want to know what Reneos can do for you, get in touch and we’ll help.